Motorshow excel 2018
  • Name  :


  • Nationality :       


  • Language:

Portuguese, English & Spanish

  • Place I living now:

London – UK

  • Favourite hobbes : 

Football & Motorcross.

  • Favourite cars:

Lamborghini Gallardo & Ferrari 458

  • Favourite tv programs:

The cube , Match of the day , Watch dog , below deck , Netflix documentaries , Action & Adventure.

  • YouTube:

Start in 2008 just post videos without editing , in  2019 I start post editing videos.

  • Last project:

Holiday in Poland.

  • Instagram:

Start 2018 just over thousand followers.

  • TikTok : 

Start in 2019 just over five hundred followers.

  • My full time job:

Scaffold since 2010 , spare time photographer.

  • Favourite Cities:

London-UK , Rio De Janeiro-Brazil ,Dubai-United Arab Emirantes & New York – USA

  • Favorite Films actors:

Arnold Schwarzenegger , Jean-Claude Van Damme & Sylvester Stallone.

My family

I just want to show you this picture when I was just 5 year old in 1987 . On this photo are my mum , dad and brothers , sister .

The next picture was taken in 2010 sadly my dad was NOT  with us , he passed away 1994 ,car cash .



For those of you I have’t met yet.

I’m glad you’re here. Anyone has the power to do anything they want, if they work hard and trust their own gut instinct as being right. More Below the Next Photo…

Bank holiday Trip Through Llanberis North Wales – Jul 2019
Under water photography – Wales 2019

No matter what, I trust myself, and my own experiences more than anything else on this planet. I know that I’ll be wrong at times and I’ll be right at times, but in the end I went for it. Experimenting is the only true way to find out.


  • The next image in blue area is the state I born in Brazil.
  • This map below show in blue spot we’re I leave now , London UK.

Okay enough above me. Below, I’ve provided some of my favorite photo in the gallery .